Asian Life Insurance

Asian Life Insurance Company

Founded on February 27, 2008 in Nepal, under the Company Act 2053, Asian Life Insurance Company Limited (ALICL) officially started its journey on April 3, 2008. With an Authorized Capital of Rs. 5 billion and a paid-up capital of Rs. 2.9 billion, Asian Life Insurance is making waves in the insurance sector in Nepal. As of the fiscal year ending in 2079-80, ALICL proudly manages a Life Fund of Rs. 34 billion, securing its financial strength. Boasting 93 promoters, including 2 institutions and 91 individuals, ALICL has strong backing from key players in the financial and corporate sectors. What sets ALICL apart is the diverse expertise of its board members and investors. These leaders, with backgrounds in banking, insurance, and private enterprises, bring a wealth of experience. Some even have notable careers in government services, adding valuable insights to ALICL’s strategies.

Asian Life Insurance is deeply committed to serving the Nepal, spreading its wings with a network of  over 150 branches nationwide. This ensures that ALICL’s range of insurance products is accessible to everyone. At the core of ALICL’s values are reliability, innovation, and customer-centric services. It’s not just about insurance; it’s about providing financial solutions that offer security and peace of mind.

Life Insurance Products

Some of the insurance policies or products offered by Asian Life Insurance Company includes, but not limited to:

  • Endowment
  • Whole Life
  • Term Life
  • Money-back
  • Foreign Employment (Individual and Manpower)
  • Micro-insurance

For more details, you can visit their website:

Share Price and Market Analysis

Asian Life Insurance Company is listed in the NEPSE share market under the symbol ALICL.

For the share price or market analysis along with news of Asian Life Insurance, you can check: Mero Lagani, Nepse Alpha, Share Sansar

Branches of Asian Life Insurance

Below are the list of branches of Asian Life Insurance company in various provinces and locations of Nepal.

Location Address Email Phone
Baniyani Kachankabal Rural Municipality-6, Baniyani [email protected] 9801981689
Bhadrapur Bhadrapur Na.Pa.Bhadrapur, Jhapa [email protected] 023-452630
Bhojpur Bhojpur Na. Pa.7, Dadagaun, Bhojpur [email protected] 029-420650
Birtamod Anarmani, Birtamod-4, Jhapa [email protected] 023-533247
Damak Damak Na.Pa.10, Near Mangaldip Market [email protected] 023-572026
Dhankuta Dhankuta Na.Pa, Dhankuta [email protected] 026-520717
Dhulabari Dhulabari Na. Pa-10, Dhulabari [email protected] 023-591311
Fikkal Suryodaya Na. Pa. 10,Fikkal [email protected] 027-540562
Gaighat Triyuga Na.Pa 11, Gaighat, Udayapur [email protected] 035-423547
Illam Ilam Na.Pa.-7,Bhanupath Chowk, Ilam [email protected] 027-520343
Inaruwa Inaruwa Na.Pa, Sunsari [email protected] 025-561808
Itahari BP Complex, BP Chowk, Itahari [email protected] 025-584680
Khandbari Khandbari Na.Pa.Sankhuwasabha [email protected] 029-561102
Khotang Diktel Na.Pa.2, Khotang [email protected] 9852833634
Mangalbare Mangalbare, Deumai Nagarpalika-4, Ilam [email protected] 027-400171
Okhaldunga Siddhicharan Chowk, Okhaldhunga [email protected] 037-520469
Pathari Pathari Ward No. 01, Morang [email protected] 021-555001
Phidim Phidim, Panchthar [email protected] 024-520827
Rampur Udaypur Thokshila, Udayapur [email protected] 025-697319
Rampur Palpa Rampur Nagar Palika-5, Bejhad, Palpa [email protected] 075 400037
Sivasatachhi Sivasatachhi Na. Pa.-9, Jhapa [email protected] 023-470155
Solu Solu Dudhkund Ga. Pa. 5, Solukhumbu [email protected] 038-250343
Taplejung Fungling Nagarpalika-04, Taplejung [email protected] 024-460752
Tehrathum Terthathum [email protected] 026-410125

Location Address Email Phone
Bardibas Bardibas-1, Mahottari [email protected] 044-550490
Birendra Bajar Ganeshman Charnath Municipality-5, Birendra Bajar [email protected] 041-427031
Birgunj Ghantaghar Chowk, Birgunj-8 [email protected] 051-520445
Chandranigahpur Chandranigahpur-4, Rautahat [email protected] 055-540353
Garuda Garuda Bajar, Rautahat [email protected] 055-565060
Hariwon Hariwon Na. Pa. 11, Purba Lachka, Sarlahi [email protected] 046-530670
Jitpur Jitpur Simara Sub Metro-7, Bara [email protected] 053-590515
Kalaiya Kalaiya-5, Bara [email protected] 053-551759
Kolhabi Kolhabi Bajar, Bara [email protected] 053-410080
Lahan Lahan Na.Pa.1, Loktantrik Chowk, Siraha [email protected] 033-565034
Mirchaiya Mirchaiya Municipality-5 [email protected] 033-550080
Pokhariya Pokhariya, Parsa [email protected] 051-560111
Rajbiraj Rajbiraj Na.Pa. Ward No. 7 [email protected] 031-533615
Simraungadh Simraungadh Na.Pa. 6, Bara [email protected] 9802336547
Siraha Siraha [email protected] 033-550080

Location Address Email Phone
Balaju Kathmandu-16, Machhapokhari [email protected] 01-4985813
Banepa Banepa Na.Pa.7, Chardobato [email protected] 011-660707
Baneshwor New Baneshwor-31, Opposite of Lions Eye Hospital [email protected] 01-4106871
Bharatpur Bharatpur Ma. Na.Pa. 7, Pulchowk, Narayanghat [email protected] 056-598982
Chabhel Kathmandu-7, Chuchhepati, Chabhil [email protected] 01-4578338
Charikot Bhimeshwor Municipality-3, Charikot, Dolakha [email protected] 049-421596
Chakmake Tinpatan Ga. Pa. 11, Chakmake, Sindhuli [email protected] 9801224128
Chapagaun Godawari Na.Pa. 11, Chapagau [email protected] 01-5265690
Corporate Office Kathmandu 30, Maitidevi [email protected] 01-4530270
Dadeldhura Amargadi Na. Pa, Dadeldhura [email protected] 096-420817
Dhading Nilkantha Na.Pa. 3, Dhading Besi, Dhading [email protected] 010-521106
Gajuri Gajuri Ga. Pa. Ward No. 1, Dhading [email protected] 010-402460
Hattigauda Budhanilkantha Na. Pa.-8, Hatigauda [email protected] 01-4378274
Hetauda School Road, Hetauda, Makwanpur [email protected] 057-524819
Imadole Mahalaxmi Na.Pa.-1, Imadole [email protected] 01-5201996
Jawalakhel Manbhawan, Jawalakhel-13 [email protected] 01-5420356
Kirtipur Naya Bajar, Kirtipur Nagarpalika-10 [email protected] 01-4334954
Kathmandu Kathmandu 30, Maitidevi [email protected] 01-4510115
Lalitpur Kathmandu-7, Chuchhepati, Chabhil [email protected] 01-4578338
Mahendranagar Bhimdatta Na.Pa., Galli No.5, Campus road [email protected] 099-520525
Mandandeupur Mandan Deupur Gapa 7, Kuntabesi Kavre [email protected] 9860209331
Manthali Manthali, Ramechhap [email protected] 048-540386
Narayanghat Bharatpur Ma. Na.Pa. 7, Pulchowk, Narayanghat [email protected] 056-598982
Nuwakot Sangam Chowk, Nuwakot-2, Battar [email protected] 010-561720
Parsa Khairahani-8, Parsa, Chitwan [email protected] 056 582423
Rasuwa Kalika Ga.Pa-2, Rasuwa [email protected] 010-542132
Sankhu Sankhu, Sankharapur Na.Pa.-6 [email protected] 01-4450949
Tokha Bhutkhel, Tokha Nagarpalika-3 [email protected] 01-5110494

Location Address Email Phone
Arun Khola Madhyabindu Na.Pa. 10, Arun Khola [email protected] 9867183035
Baglung Baglung Napa-2, Baglung [email protected] 068-522623
Beni Beni Na.Pa., Myagdi [email protected] 069-521060
Damauli Byas Na. Pa., Damauli [email protected] 065-565334
Gorkha Gorkha Buspark, Gorkha [email protected] 064-421548
Kawasoti Kawasoti, Nawalparasi [email protected] 078-541024
Lamjung Lamjung Metropolitan -16 [email protected] 066-520788
Lekhnath Pokhara Metropolitan City-27, Talchowk [email protected] 061-560599
Parbat Cinema Hall Road, Kushma, Parbat [email protected] 067-420280
Pokhara Pokhara, Mahendrapul, Kaski [email protected] 061-531599
Waling Putali Bajar, Waling Na. Pa, Syangja [email protected] 063-440559

Location Address Email Phone
Arghakhachi Sandhikharka, Arghakhachi [email protected] 077-420675
Bansgadi Bansgadhi-5, Bardiya [email protected] 9848180609
Bardaghat Bardaghat 4, Bardaghat Bajar, Nawalaparsai [email protected] 078-580938
Bhairahawa Buddhachowk, Siddhartha Na.Pa, Rupandehi [email protected] 071-573835
Bhurigaun Thakurbaba Na. Pa. 1, Bhurigaun [email protected] 084-403105
Butwal Butwal Na.Pa.,10,Milan Chowk [email protected] 071-531225
Chandrauta Chandrauta, Kapilvastu [email protected] 076-540409
Ghorahi Ghorahi -15 Dang [email protected] 082-563508
Gulariya Gulariya Na.Pa, Gulariya [email protected] 084-421293
Gulmi Tamghas, Gulmi [email protected] 079-521063
Kohalpur New Road, Kohalpur-11, Banke [email protected] 081-540225
Lamahi Lamahi Na. Pa. 5, Dang [email protected] 082-540715
Nepalgunj Nepalgunj-16, Surkhet Road, Banke [email protected] 081-415160
Palpa Tansen Nagarpalika - 4, Shrikhan Tole Plapa [email protected] 075-522701
Parasi Ramgram, Nawalparasi [email protected] 078-520539
Pharsatikar Suddhodhan Rural Municipality, Ward No. 4, Pharsatikar [email protected] 071 400226
Pyuthan Bijuwar, Pyuthan [email protected] 086-460502
Rajapur Rajapur Na.Pa., Bardiya [email protected] 084-460070
Rampur Palpa Rampur Nagar Palika-5, Bejhad, Palpa [email protected] 075 400037
Rolpa Liwang, Rolpa [email protected] 086-440321
Rukum Purba Sishne Gaupalika-6, Rukum Kot, Rukum Purba [email protected] 088-413147
Samshergunj Rapti Sonari Ga.Pa-8, Banke [email protected] 081-400084
Sisahaniya Rapti Ga.Pa.-08, Sisahaniya, Dang [email protected] 082-402122
Sunwal Sunwal Na. Pa.-4, Sunwal, Parasi [email protected] 9801915495
Taulihawa Kapilbastu Na.Pa. 1, Taulihawa [email protected] 076-560174
Tulsipur Tulsipur Na.Pa.-5, Kha line, Dang [email protected] 082-522718

Location Address Email Phone
Dailekh Devkota Chowk, Narayan Na. Pa.1, Dailekh [email protected] 089-420576
Jajarkot Khalanga, Jajarkot [email protected] 089-430297
Jumla Chandannath Municipality-5, Jumla [email protected] 087-520546
Kalikot Khadachakra Na. Pa. 1. Manma, Kalikot [email protected] 087-440255
Mugu Gamgadi, Mugu [email protected] 087-460203
Rakam Simta Ga. Pa. 6, Rakam Bajar, Surkhet [email protected] 9858062013
Rukum Khalanga, Rukum [email protected] 088-530094
Salyan Sharada Na.Pa., Shreenagar, Salyan [email protected] 9857822609
Sinja Sinja Ga. Pa.-3, Narakot [email protected] 9858062016
Surkhet Birendranagar Na.Pa., Birendrachwok [email protected] 083-523202

Location Address Email Phone
Atariya Attaria Kailai [email protected] 091-550962
Belauri Belauri, Kanchanpur [email protected] 099-560223
Baitadi Dashrathchanda Na. Pa, Baitadi [email protected] 095-520556
Bhajang Chainpur, Bajhanag [email protected] 092-421351
Bajura Martadi, Bajura [email protected] 097-541220
Darchula Khalnaga, Darchula [email protected] 093-420041
Dadeldhura Amargadi Na. Pa, Dadeldhura [email protected] 096-420817
Dhangadi Dhangadi-4, Chauraha, Kailali [email protected] 091-416374
Doti Dipayal Silgadhi Na.Pa.Pipalla, Doti [email protected] 094-412109
Hasuliya Kailari VDC-1, Hasuliya, Kailali [email protected] 9867316379
Jhalari Suklaphata Na. Pa. 10, Jhalari, Kanchanpur [email protected] 099-540280
Jogbudha Parsuram Na.Pa. 12, Daheldhura [email protected] 096 411089
Lamki Lamki Chuha Na.Pa.-1, Kailali [email protected] 091-540479
Mahendranagar Bhimdatta Na.Pa., Galli No.5, Campus road [email protected] 099-520525
Mangalsen Mangalsen, Achham [email protected] 097-620237
Safebagar Safebagar, Achham [email protected] 097-625123
Sukhad Ghodaghodi Na. Pa.-1, Sukhad, Kailali [email protected] 091-403101
Tikapur Tikapur Na.Pa.-9, Kailali, Near Everest Bank Ltd. - 091-561271

Contact Details (Head Office)

Phone: +977-1-4510115 / 4530270
Email: [email protected]
Address: Maitidevi – 30, Kathmandu, Bagmati Province, Nepal

If you want to know more details about Asian Life Insurance Company Limited, or have some suggestions, you can feel free to write to us.