Insurance Companies in Kenya

Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) provides the license and regulates insurance or reinsurance companies in Kenya. Though country has population of just over 50 million, it has good number of insurance entities present in the country, be it life, non-life, micro-insurance or reinsurance companies, supported by big number of brokers and agents. In this article, we have tried to cover all the insurance companies that exist and operate insurance business in Kenya.


Life Insurance Companies in Kenya

Below is the list of life insurance companies licensed to run only life insurance related business in Kenya. These companies provide some or all of long-term insurance services such as life assurance, annuities, pensions, group life, group credit, permanent health and investment linked insurance products.

  1. ABSA Life Assurance Kenya Limited
  2. APA Life Assurance Limited
  3. Britam Life Assurance Company (K) Limited
  4. Cannon Life Assurance (K) Limited
  5. Capex Life Assurance Company Limited
  6. CIC Life Assurance Limited
  7. Equity Life Assurance (Kenya) Limited
  8. GA Life Assurance Limited
  9. Geminia Life Insurance Company Limited
  10. ICEA LION Life Assurance Company Limited
  11. Jubilee Life Insurance Limited
  12. Kenya Orient Life Assurance Limited
  13. Kuscco Mutual Assurance Limited
  14. Liberty Life Assurance Kenya Limited
  15. Madison Life Assurance Kenya Limited
  16. Old Mutual Life Assurance Kenya Limited
  17. Pioneer Assurance Company Limited
  18. Prudential Life Assurance Kenya Limited
  19. Sanlam Life Insurance Limited
  20. Star Discover Life Insurance Limited

General Insurance Companies in Kenya

Below is the list of general insurance companies licensed to run only non-life insurance related business in Kenya. These companies offer some or all of short-term general insurance products such as aviation, engineering, fire/property, liability, marine, motor (private, commercial), personal accident, theft, workmen’s compesation, medical, micro and miscellaneous.

  1. AAR Insurance Company Limited
  2. Africa Merchant Assurance Company Limited
  3. AIG Kenya Insurance Company Limited
  4. APA Insurance Limited
  5. Britam General Insurance Company (K) Limited
  6. Cannon General Insurance Company Limited
  7. CIC General Insurance Limited
  8. Corporate Insurance Company Limited
  9. Directline Assurance Company Limited
  10. Fidelity Shield Insurance Company Limited
  11. First Assurance Company Limited – General
  12. GA Insurance Limited
  13. Geminia Insurance Company Limited
  14. ICEA LION General Insurance Company Limited
  15. Intra Africa Assurance Company Limited
  16. Invesco Assurance Company Limited
  17. Jubilee Allianz General Insurance Ltd.
  18. Jubilee Health Insurance Limited
  19. Kenindia Assurance Company Limited
  20. Kenya Orient Insurance Limited
  21. Madison General Insurance Kenya Limited
  22. Mayfair Insurance Company Limited
  23. MUA Insurance (Kenya) Limited
  24. Occidental Insurance Company Limited
  25. Old Mutual General Insurance Kenya Limited
  26. Pacis Insurance Company Limited
  27. Pioneer General Insurance Limited
  28. Sanlam General Insurance Company Limited
  29. Star Discover Insurance Limited
  30. Takaful Insurance of Africa Limited
  31. Tausi Assurance Company Limited
  32. The Heritage Insurance Company Limited
  33. Trident Insurance Company Limited
  34. Xplico Insurance Company Limited

Composite Insurance Companies in Kenya

Below is the list of composite insurance companies licensed to run both life and general insurance business in Kenya. These companies may provide all or some of both long-term and general insurance products mentioned above in life and general section.

  1. The Kenyan Alliance Insurance Company Limited (Composite)
  2. The Monarch Insurance Company Limited (Composite)

Medical Insurance Providers in Kenya

Apart from general insurance companies, following companies and entities are also allowed to transact insurance business as Medical Insurance Provider in Kenya:

  1. Acropolis Insurance Brokers Limited
  2. Amana Insurance Brokers Limited
  3. Ams Insurance Brokers Limited
  4. Armchair Insurance Brokers Limited
  5. Bahari Insurance Brokers Limited
  6. BTB Insurance Brokers Limited
  7. Chancery Wright Insurance Brokers Limited
  8. Chester Insurance Brokers Limited
  9. Clarkson Insurance Brokers Limited
  10. Complete Solutions Insurance Brokers Limited
  11. Consolidated Insurance Brokers Limited
  12. Eagle Africa Insurance Brokers Kenya Limited
  13. Executive Healthcare Solutions Limited
  14. Goldfield Insurance Brokers Limited
  15. Goldstar Healthcare Limited
  16. Gras Savoye Kenya Insurance Brokers Limited
  17. H. S. Jutley Insurance Brokers Limited
  18. Healthline Solutions Limited
  19. Henner Kenya Limited
  20. Indemnity Insurance Brokers Limited
  21. J.W. Seagon And Company Limited
  22. Johncele Insurance Brokers Limited
  23. Karen Direct Insurance Brokers Limited
  24. Kenbright Healthcare Administrators Limited
  25. Laser Insurance Brokers Limited
  26. Liaison Healthcare Limited
  27. Lifecare International Insurance Brokers Limited
  28. Losagi Medical Insurance Brokers Limited
  29. Mic Global Risks (Insurance Brokers) Limited
  30. Minet Kenya Insurance Brokers Limited
  31. Miran Insurance Brokers Limited
  32. Mns Risk And Insurance Brokers Limited
  33. Modern Insurance Brokers Limited
  34. Mugen Medical Insurance Provider Limited
  35. Mutual Trust Insurance Brokers Limited
  36. Nile Capital Insurance Brokers (Ea) Limited
  37. Pacific Insurance Brokers (Ea) Limited
  38. Paladin Insurance Brokers Limited
  39. Pelican Insurance Brokers (K) Limited
  40. Plan & Place Insurance Brokers Limited
  41. Radiant Health Insurance Brokers Limited
  42. Royal Associates Insurance Brokers Limited
  43. Scoreline Insurance Brokers Limited
  44. Sedgwick Kenya Insurance Brokers Limited
  45. Sobhag Insurance Brokers Limited
  46. Trust Mark Insurance Brokers Limited
  47. Waumini Insurance Brokers Limited
  48. Zamara Risk & Insurance Brokers Limited

Microinsurance Companies in Kenya

Below listed is the only registered micro-insurance company in Kenya:

  1. Healthier (K) Micro Insurance Limited

Reinsurance Companies in Kenya

Below is the list of reinsurance companies licensed to run reinsurance business in Kenya:

  1. Continental Reinsurance Limited
  2. East Africa Reinsurance Company Limited
  3. Ghana Reinsurance Company (Kenya) Limited
  4. Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Limited
  5. WAICA Reinsurance (Kenya) Limited

Note: These list of insurance companies registered in Kenya were last updated on 31 December (F.Y. 2023/24). These companies were licensed to operate insurance business in Kenya for year 2023.

Hope you liked our list of insurance companies in Kenya. We have tried our best to collect the information from authentic sources. However, we don’t guarantee the accuracy of information provided here. If you own or manage a insurance company in Kenya and have some suggestion to enrich this list, please feel free to write us.