Nepal Life Insurance

Nepal Life Insurance

Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited, established on May 4, 2001, under the Company Act 2053 and Insurance Act 2049, is a trailblazer in the life insurance industry of Nepal. Founded by prominent business figures, Nepal Life has demonstrated robust financial performance and exceptional service for over two decades. What sets Nepal Life apart is its mission-driven approach. The company is committed to making every Nepali household financially secure through innovative and tailored insurance solutions. Nepal Life’s strategy focuses on expanding its branch network, significantly increasing the number of well-trained agents, and ensuring comprehensive market penetration. This approach not only fosters economic stability but also aligns with the company’s broader goal of contributing to a healthy, vibrant nation.

Nepal Life leverages advanced IT infrastructure to enhance its service delivery. All branches are interconnected through a wide area network, enabling seamless and efficient customer service across all operations. This technological backbone ensures that Nepal Life consistently meets and exceeds customer expectations, providing services of international quality standards.

Nepal Life’s vision is to ensure that every family in Nepal is economically secure. The company designs innovative and differentiated insurance products to cater to diverse financial and social needs. Its mission emphasizes providing unmatched after-sales service, reflecting a deep commitment to customer satisfaction.

Life Insurance Products

Some of the types of life insurance plans or policies offered by Nepal Life Insurance includes:

  • Endowment
  • Anticipated
  • Whole Life
  • Term Life
  • Micro Life

For more details, you can visit their website:

Reinsurance Support

Prominent local and international reinsurer supporting the Nepal Life Insurance Company includes:

  • Nepal Re
  • Himalayan Re
  • Hannover Re

Share Price and Market Analysis

Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited is listed in the NEPSE share market under the symbol NLIC.

For the share price or market analysis along with news of Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited (NLIC), you can check: Mero Lagani, Nepse Alpha, Share Sansar

Branches of Nepal Life Insurance

Below are the list of branches of Nepal Life Insurance Company in various provinces and locations of Nepal.

Branch Address Phone Mobile Email
Birtamode Branch Birtamode na pa- 05, Giri complex, sanischare road, Jhapa 023-536643, 023-532717 9852672286 [email protected]
Itahari Branch Everest plaza bhawan, ithari na pa.04 khetikhola, Sunsari 025-586429 9852086429 [email protected]
Urlabari Sub Branch Urlabari Na Pa-05, Madhumalla Bus Stand, Morang 021-541971, 021-541571 9852026205 [email protected]
Biratnagar Branch Biratnagar ma na pa -05, Krishi Bhawan -same as the building of Satyanaryan School, Morang 021-590117, 590195 9852021774 [email protected]
Dharan Branch Dharan up ma na. pa .-02, Desi line, next to Global IME bank, 50m east from Bhanu Chowk, Sunsari 025-535637 9852026215 [email protected]
Phidim Branch Phidim Na. Pa-01, Main Road, Next To Building Of Good Will Finance Office, Panchthar 024-520279 9852620279 [email protected]
Inaruwa Sub Branch Inaruwa na. pa-01, Inaruwa bazar, next to Sunrise Bank, Sunsari 025-561886 9852061886 [email protected]
Taplejung Sub Branch Fungling Na.Pa-05, Birendra Chowk, Taplejung 024-460953 9852660963 [email protected]
Damak Branch Damak na pa-08, near ncell centre, Jhapa 023-586021 9852638600 [email protected]
Dhankuta Sub Branch Dhankuta na pa -07, Bich Bazar, next to Nic Asia Bank, Dhankuta 026-522728 9852070728 [email protected]
Ilam Sub Branch Illam na pa-07, Nikunja paath-Same as in the building of Siddhartha Bank, Illam 027-521501 9852682501 [email protected]
Gaighat Sub Branch Triyuga na pa-11, DM gate, Udayapur 035-423528 9852833207 [email protected]
Biratchowk Sub Branch Sundarharicha na pa-12, Birat chowk, Morang 021-545613 9852022277 [email protected]
Gauradaha Sub Branch Gauradaha na pa 2, Dipuchowk 50Southern side of Nepal Bank Limited, Jhapa 023-480220 9852670334 [email protected]
Chandragadhi Sub Branch Bahdrapur na pa- 10, Chandragadi bazar, near Bus stand, Jhapa 023-454160 9852655723 [email protected]
Bhojpur Sub Branch Bhojpur na pa-7, Bijbazar 50m northern side of Machhapuchre Bank 029-420767 9852052767 [email protected]
Tehrathum Sub Branch Myanglung Na Pa. 01, Devithan Chowk, Terhathum 026-460280 9852060280 [email protected]
Letang Sub Branch Letang Na Pa 04, Bp Chowk Near To Letang Police Station, Morang 021-560603 9852064851 [email protected]
Kakadvitta Sub Branch Mechi na pa 6, bhattarai chowk, 100m northern side of Mechi eye hospital, Jhapa 023-566282 9852662282 [email protected]
Surunga Sub Branch Kankai Na Pa. -03, Surunga Bazar-Jhapa Highway, Jhapa 023-552403 9852650403 [email protected]
Pathari Sub Branch Pathari Sanischarey Na Pa -01, Mandir Line -Opposite To Traffic Bit, Morang 021-556223 9852026305 [email protected]
Katari Sub Branch katari na pa 3, opposite of Global ime bank, Udayapur 035-450345 9852836345 [email protected]
Khadbari Sub Branch Khadbari na pa 1, next to Nepal Bank Limited, Sankhuwasabha 029-562163 9852070163 [email protected]
Rangeli Sub Branch Rangeli Na Pa-07, Rangeli Bus Stand, Next To Nepal Bank, Morang 021-580625 9852080625 [email protected]
Solukhumbu Sub Branch Dudhkunda Na. Ap-05, Salleri Bazar, Solukhumbu 038-520493 9852852080 [email protected]
Okhaldhunga Sub Branch Siddhicharan Na Pa -11, Ram Bazar, Opposite To District Administration Office, Okhaldhunga 037-520244 9852840244 [email protected]
Khotang Sub Branch Diktel Rupakot majuwagadi na pa 2, side of Nabil Bank, Khotang 036-420735 9852849735 [email protected]
Halesi Sub Branch Tuwathung na pa- 07, danda bazar, near to Traffic chowk, Khotang 036-420735 9852849751 [email protected]
Fikal Sub Branch Suryadayon na pa-10, Fikkal bazzar, near to Siddhartha Bank, Illam 027-540544 9852647848 [email protected]
Sankranti Bazar Sub Branch Aathrai Ga Pa Therathum-01, Sakranti Bazar, Terhathum 9852620410 [email protected]
Tharpu Sub Branch Yangwarak ga pa.4, panchthar, near to Himalayan bank ltd, Panchthar 9852684741 [email protected]

Branch Address Phone Mobile Email
Lahan Branch Lahan napa-01, opposite to Pashupati high school, Siraha 033-561738, 033-561463 9852830215 [email protected]
Siraha Sub Branch Siraha Na Pa-01, Imli Chowk, Siraha 033-521109 9852832309 [email protected]
Rajbiraj Sub Branch Rajbiraj Na Pa-Adalat Road, Saptari 031-533531 9852821207 [email protected]
Kanchanpur Rajbiraj Sub Branch kanchanrup na pa 8, opposite of ilaka prahari karyalya kanchanpur, Saptari 031-560371 9852860371 [email protected]
Mirchaiya Sub Branch Mirchaiya Na Pa 6, Katari Chowk In Same Building Of Sbi Bank, Siraha 033-550007 9852834009 [email protected]
Mahendranagar (Dhanusha) Sub Branch Sireshwornath Na Pa, 5 In Distance Of 100 M From Everest Bank, Dhanusha 041-540054 9854029536 [email protected]
Birgunj Branch Birgunj na pa-13, maisthan chowk, Parsa 051-520712, 051-520743 9855020726 [email protected]
Janakpur Branch Jankpur up ma na pa 2, Bhanuchowk in same building of Nabil Bank, Dhanusha 041-528408 9854020911 [email protected]
Malangawa Sub Branch Malangawa Na Pa 8, Main Bajar In Same Of Ncell Company And Malangawa Tax Office, Sarlahi 046-521650 9854038650 [email protected]
Pokhariya Sub Branch Pokhariya Na Pa-04, Near Pokhariya Hospital - Above Prime Bank, Parsa 051-560009 9855010147 [email protected]
Kalaiya Sub Branch Kaliya upa ma na pa-04, Rajdevi tole- Opposite to Kumar Bank, Bara 053-550147 9855045547 [email protected]
Bardibas Sub Branch Bardibas na pa-1, 100m sothern side of Bardibas yatayat karyalaya, Mahottari 044-550515 9854023515 [email protected]
Jitpur Branch Jeetpur Simar up ma na pa 7, in same building of Global Ime Bank and Nepal insurance, Kapilvastu 053-412202 9855024538 [email protected]
Gaur Sub Branch Gaur ward no 1, Rautahat 055-521393 9855040393 [email protected]
Dhanusha-Dham Sub Branch Dhanushadham na pa-01, Dhanushadham Chowk, Dhanusha 041540054 9854029536 [email protected]
Nijgadh Sub Branch Nijgadh Na Pa -07 Sahid Chowk, 100M To East, Opposite To Police Station, Bara 053-540479 9855043792 [email protected]
Chandranigahapur Branch Chandrapur na pa-04, Chandranigahapur chowk, Rautahat 055-540735 9855041792 [email protected]
Barahathawa Sub Branch Barahathawa na pa-7, Barahathawa police check post/ Traffic Bit, Sarlahi 046-540023 9854022623 [email protected]
Garuda Sub Branch Garuda-4, Rautahat 055-565279 9855042792 [email protected]
Birendra Bazar Sub Branch Ganeshman Charnath na pa-2, Birendra bazaar, Dhanusha 041-427056 9854027007 [email protected]
Jaleshwor Sub Branch Jaleshwor na pa 2, mahendrachowk opposite of Prabhu Bank, Mahottari 044-520900 9854030801 [email protected]
Yadhukoha Sub Branch Sahidnagar Na. Pa Ward No-3, dhanusha 041-410085 9854022014 [email protected]
Lalbandi Sub Branch Laalbandi na pa 7, Opposite of laxmi bank, Sarlahi 046-501753 9854051753 [email protected]
Ramgopalpur Sub Branch Ramgopalpur Na Pa-05, Mahottari Ramgopalpur Chowk, Mahottari 9854030086 9854030086 [email protected]
Mahilwar (Lumbini) Sub Branch Lumbini Sanskritik Nagarpalika 500M Eastern Side From Mayadevi Temple Infront Of 5 No Gate, Rupandehi 071-580421 9857013089 [email protected]
Thori Sub Branch Thori Ga Pa. - 05, Opposite To Banijya Bank, Parsa 9845230319 [email protected]

Branch Address Phone Mobile Email
Kathmandu Branch Kathmandu ma na pa 28, next to citizen bank international, Kathmandu 01-4169218, 01-4169129, 01-4169130 9851079579 [email protected]
New Baneshwor Branch Kathmandu Ma. Na. Pa -10, Krishna Tower, Next To Laxmi Capital, Kathmandu 01-4786400, 01-4786410 9851172492 [email protected]
Budhanilkantha Sub Branch (Golfutar) Golfutar, Opposite of Kumari Bank, 2nd floor of German Bakery Building, Pink Color Building 01-4650724 9851242672 [email protected]
Naxal Branch Kathmandu Ma Na Pa -01, Narayachaur Next To Head Office Of Sanima Bank, Kathmandu 01-4541367 9851110936 [email protected]
Lalitpur Branch Lalitpur Upa Ma Na Pa-04, Opposite To Buddha Airlines, Lalitpur 01-5531281, 01-5522512 9851114136 [email protected]
Balaju Branch next to people's medical hospital, Kathmandu 01-4390235, 01-4385056, 01-4356606 9851096596 [email protected]
Chabahil Branch Chabahi-7, Kathmandu 01-4569011 9851102547 [email protected]
Bhaktapur Branch Near to Gatthaghar chowk, in the same building as Sanima bank building, Bhaktapur 01-6636480, 01-6639429 9851151028 [email protected]
Machhapokhari Branch Kathmandu Ma Na Pa 16, Machhapokhari Chowk Same Building Of Nic Asia Bank, Kathmandu 01-4980930, 01-4957313 9851284505 [email protected]
Maharajgunj Sub Branch Tokha Na Pa 5, Basundhara Chowk Same Building Of Global Ime Bank, Kathmandu 01-4362737 9851243982 [email protected]
Swoyambhu Branch Swyambhu, Opposite To Buddha Park, Kathmandu 01-5247286 9851148822 [email protected]
Kalimati Branch Kathmandu ma na pa 13, same building of Kathmandu Business park opposite of national trading, Kathmandu 01-4104629, 01-4104691 9851151891 [email protected]
Banepa Branch Banepa na pa-08, Tindobata-near Nepal Telecome Office, Kavrepalanchowk 011-663403, 011-660532 9851107691 [email protected]
Kamalbinayak Sub Branch Bhaktapur Na. Pa. 10, Near Kamalbinayak Bus Stand, Bhaktapur 01-6619733 9851331169 [email protected]
Sindhuli Branch Kamalamai Na Pa -06, 2 No Bazar, Sindhuli 047-520889 9854044889 [email protected]
Nuwakot Branch Bidur Na Pa -04, Battar Bazar Nabil Bank And Prime Bank Building, Nuwakot 010-561712 9851031301 [email protected]
Chapagaun Sub Branch Godawari na pa-10, Pyanggaun, Lalitpur 01-5265625 9851128960 [email protected]
Tokha Sub Branch Grande Road, Opposite To Grande Tower, Tokha Na Pa-06, In The Building Of Nepal Bank, Kathmandu 01-5159675 9851135879 [email protected]
Suryabinayak Sub Branch Surya Binayak Na Pa-06 Near Everest Bank , Opposite To Pedestrain Bridge, Bhaktapur 01-5092499 9851117869 [email protected]
Pepsicola Sub Branch Kathmandu Ma Na Pa -32, Suryamukhi Chowk, Football Ground, Kathmandu 01-4990857 9851230294 [email protected]
Koteshwor Branch Kathmandu ma na pa 32, Next to prabhu bank, Kathmandu 01-4600542 9851328082 [email protected]
Sukedhara Sub Branch Budanilkantha Na Pa -09, Next To Laxmi Bank , Sukedhara Police Station 100 M Away To North, Kathmandu 01-4375796 9851328106 [email protected]
Jarankhu Sub Branch Tarkeshwor na pa 8, Side of Ramailo pathsala school and opposite of Nepal investment mega bank, Kathmandu 01-4025689 9851190872 [email protected]
Kirtipur Sub Branch Kritipur na pa 9, next to laxmi Bank, Kathmandu 01-4333434 9851221619 [email protected]
Imadol Sub Branch Mahalaxmi na pa-01, Ratamakai chowk, Opposite to Indreni Complex, Lalitpur 01-5201358 9851242825 [email protected]
Nakkhu Sub Branch Lalitpur Ma Na Pa 13, Opposite Of Ncell Company 01-5185485 9851163118 [email protected]
Harisiddhi Sub Branch Mahalaxmi na. pa.-15, Hattiban near to LA. school, Lalitpur 01-5912747 9854021166 [email protected]
Dhading Sub Branch Nilkantha na. pa-03, Bich bazaar -Dhang besi top floor of kumari bank, Dhading 010-521033 9851194172 [email protected]
Gurjudhara Sub Branch Chandragiri na pa-12, Gurjudhara-on the way to Yatayat road, Kathmandu 01-4313232 9851210708 [email protected]
New Road Sub Branch Kathmandu Ma Na Pa.-16 Ratna Plaza , Near Nepal Bank Head Office, Kathmandu 01-5348921 9851314506 [email protected]
Galchhi Sub Branch Galchi Gapa -07, Galchhi Bazar, Dhading 10-403223 9851213968 [email protected]
Manthali Sub Branch Manthali Na Pa.1. Devkota Chowk In Front Of Prabhu Bank, Ramechhap 048-540516 9854043516 [email protected]
Charikot Sub Branch himeshwor na pa 6, 50m Sothernside of Laxmi Bank, Dolakha 049-421880 9851333745 [email protected]
Khadichaur Sub Branch Balechi ga pa. 07, Khadichaur bajar, Sindhupalchowk 011-482187 9851328054 [email protected]
Bhakunde-Besi Sub Branch Bhakundae besi, Namobudhha na pa. 07, house with ntc Tower, Kavrepalanchowk 011-404131 9851243564 [email protected]
Dhunche Sub Branch Gosaikunda ga pa-06, Dhuchae bazar, Rasuwa 010-540259 9851208404 [email protected]
Ramkot Sub Branch Nagarjun Na Pa -06, Dadapauwa Chowk, Kathmandu 01-4039681 9851102117 [email protected]
Sakhu Sub Branch Sankharapur Na Pa-06, Purano Bus Park, Kathmandu 01-4452033 9851328855 [email protected]
Panauti Sub Branch Panauti Na Pa-06, Namobuddha Road, Opposite To Shreem Ram Party Palace, Kavrepalanchowk 011-441042 9851219806 [email protected]
Khurkot Sub Branch Golanjhar ga pa 7, 50m east of prabhu bank, Sindhuli 9854063762 9854063762 [email protected]
Pachkhal Sub Branch Pachkhal Na Pa -04, Samajakalyan Chowk -Above Nabil Bank, Kavrepalanchowk 011-499349 9851145634 [email protected]
Pharping Sub Branch Dakshinkali Na Pa -05, Pharping Bus Park, Next To Tribhuwan Adarsh School,Kathmandu 01-4710286 9851161314 [email protected]
Palung Sub Branch Tahaa Na Pa-04, Sikharkot -Opposite To Prabhu Bank, Makawanpur 057-400060 9855072997 [email protected]
Chautara Sub Branch Chautara Sagachowkgadi Na Pa 5, Kuvinde Chowk In Front Of Agriculture Development Bank, Sindhupalchowk 011590255 9851326485 [email protected]
Narayanghat Branch Bharatpur Na Pa 03, Liance Chowk Same Building Of Nic Asia Bank, Chitwan 056-596702 9855056764 [email protected]
Tadi Sauraha Chowk Branch Ratnnagar Na Pa-01, Sauraha Chowk ( Unique Sahakari Bhawan ), Chitwan 056-582290 9855017427 [email protected]
Chanauli Sub Branch Bharatpur ma na pa-20 , Chanauli bazaar, Chitwan 056-591213 9855087105 [email protected]
Madi Sub Branch Basantapur Na Pa, 3,Madi In Front Techmind Network Office, Chitwan 056-501046 9855011046 [email protected]
Muglin Sub Branch Ikchyakamana Ga Pa 5, Chitwan 200M Western Side Of Nepal Investment Mega Bank, Chitwan 056-540017 9856074349 [email protected]
Hetauda Branch Hetauda upa ma na pa-04, Sigma Complex Near Nabil Bank, Ajaramar road, Makwanpur 057-526792, 057-526050 9855068050 [email protected]
Manahari Sub Branch Manhari Ga Pa 7, Manhari In Same Building Of Nic Asia Bank And Mahalaxmi Bikash Bank, Makwanpur 057-414189 9855075789 [email protected]
Foreign Employment Kalanki Branch Tahachal, Solitimode 9843407778, 9803382737 [email protected]
Parsa Branch Khairini Na Pa -08, Maganai Chowk, Chitwan 9855084705 [email protected]

Branch Address Phone Mobile Email
Kawasoti Branch Kawaswoti na pa -08, Shabapati chowk mega bank, Nawalparasi East 078-540879 9857048845 [email protected]
Arunkhola Sub Branch Madhyabindu na pa. 10, bank road, Nawalparasi East 9857054466 9857054466 [email protected]
Pokhara Branch Pokhara Ma Na Pa -08, New Road Opposite To Hotel, Kaski 061-586322, 061-583041 9856024144 [email protected]
Gorkha Sub Branch Gorkha na pa-06, Haramtari chowk, Gorkha 064-421418 9856040982 [email protected]
Walling Sub Branch Walling Na Pa.-08, Malpot Road Near To Malpot And Napi Karyalaya, Syangja 063-441533 9856070144 [email protected]
Baglung Sub Branch Baglung na pa .02 , Mahendrapath , above Citizen bank, Baglung 068-522520 9857623520 [email protected]
Dumre Sub Branch Bandipur ga pa-01, Chisapani, Tanahu 065-580488 9856080688 [email protected]
Syangja Sub Branch Putalibazar Na Pa-01, Hulak Marg, Syangja 063424256 9856052256 [email protected]
Burtibang Sub Branch Dhorptan na pa- 1, Burtibang bazaar, Baglung 068-410320 9857651320 [email protected]
Damauli Sub Branch Byas na. pa-04, Prithivi Highway Road, Tanahu 065-564822 9856060822 [email protected]
Galkot Sub Branch Galkot na pa-03, Hatiya Bazaar, Baglung 068-412180 9857680144 [email protected]
Lekhnath Sub Branch Pokhara Ma. Na. Pa-27, Talchowk 100 M Away To East, Way To Bengas Tal, Kaski 061-560922 9856074144 [email protected]
Lamjung Sub Branch Beshisahar Na. Pa-08, Bhimsenthan, Lamjung 066-520184 9856046384 [email protected]
Hemja Sub Branch Pokhara ma na pa.25, Milan Chowk- Bastola furniture vayeko building, Kaski 061-590800 9856028528 [email protected]
Kushma Sub Branch Kushma na pa 5, next to RBB bank, Parwat 067-421096 9857621096 [email protected]
Beni Sub Branch Beni na pa-8, next to Dhakal Medica, Myagdi 069-521315 9857621310 [email protected]
Hatemalo Sub Branch Pyau ga pa- 04, Hatemalochowk, Parwat 067-411116 9856042144 [email protected]
Mustang Sub Branch Gharpjhong Ga Pa 3, Opposite Of Global Ime Bank, Mustang 069-440440 9857660440 [email protected]
Manang Sub Branch Chame Ga Pa 4, Thadoline Chame Bazar, In Same Building Of Citizen Bank, Manang 066-440260 9856049260 [email protected]

Branch Address Phone Mobile Email
Butwal Branch Butwal na pa -08, Milanchowk, next to Paschimanchal finance, Rupandehi 071-553329, 071-551329 9857025084 [email protected]
Bhairahawa Branch Siddharthanagar na pa-8, Same building of Shine Resunga Bank, Rupandehi 071-521669, 071-525439 9857026669 [email protected]
Ghorahi Branch Gorahi up ma pa-15, Newroad-Damodar chowk, Dang 082-562761 9857821136 [email protected]
Chandrauta Sub Branch Shivaraj na pa-05, Kapilvastu Chandrauta, Kapilvastu 076-540406 9857055652 [email protected]
Murgiya Branch Sainamaina Na Pa 3, Opposite Of Nepal Bank Limited, Rupandehi 071-440033 9857084033 [email protected]
Palpa Sub Branch Tansrn Na Pa -04, Silthan Tole, 50M Away To South From District Administration Office, Palpa 075-520934 9857060934 [email protected]
Tulsipur Sub Branch Tulsipur Upa Ma Na.Pa-05, Kha Line, Near Sunil Stationery, Dang 082-522681 9857822681 [email protected]
Juhang Khaireni Sub Branch Satyawati Ga pa 6, 150m western side of Kumari Bank, Gulmi 079-411080 9857089080 [email protected]
Jeetpur 4 Sub Branch Badganga na pa 1, jitpur 4 chowk kapilbastu opposite of Everest bank,Bara 076-550416 9857085416 [email protected]
Manigram Sub Branch Tilottama Na Pa 5, Main Road In Same Building Citizen Bank, Rupandehi 071-561299 9857042549 [email protected]
Pyuthan Sub Branch Pyuthan Municapility-03, Jumri -Opposite To Siddhartha Bank -Pulchowk, Pyuthan 086-460389 9857830769 [email protected]
Bardaghat Sub Branch Bardaghat Na.Pa.4, Nawalparasi, Nawalparasi West 078580268 9857081268 [email protected]
Arghakhachi Sub Branch Sandikharkh na pa. 01, Hall line, Arghakhanchi 077-420682 9857073682 [email protected]
Lamahi Sub Branch Lamahi Na Pa-05, Bank Road, In The Building Of Panthi Chasma Pasal, Opposite Of Nabil Bank, Dang 082-540743 9857840742 [email protected]
Taulihawa Sub Branch Kapalivastu Na Pa.-01, Hulaki Marg, near to tauleswor nath mandir, Kapilvastu 076-560455 9857054452 [email protected]
Gulmi Sub Branch Resunga na pa- 01, Sahu tole- near Tihanu medical hall, Gulmi 079-521041 9857082331 [email protected]
Rampur Sub Branch Rampur Na Pa-05, Beghad, Rampur Saharkari Line, Palpa 044-410086 9857063508 [email protected]
Marchawar Sub Branch Kotahimai Ga Pa 5, Majhgawa 500 M Southern Side Of Agriculture Development Bank, Rupandehi 071-401036 9844745847 [email protected]
Bhaluwang Sub Branch Rapate ga pa-01, Dang, opposite to Om Medical, Dang 082-415199 9857841361 [email protected]
Rolpa Sub Branch Rolpa Na Pa-04, Liwang -Karagar Road, Tudikhel, Rolpa 086-440278 9857857878 [email protected]
Krishna Nagar Sub Branch Krishnanagar na pa 3, 100m eastern side from police station 076-520060 9857056950 [email protected]
Nepalgunj Branch Nepalgunj Upa Ma. Na Pa. -18, Pushpal Chowk, Banke 081-530432, 530685 9858020001 [email protected]
Kohalpur Branch Kohalpur na pa 11, same building of Civil bank, Banke 081-540146 9858040146 [email protected]
Gulariya Sub Branch Guleriya na pa -06, 40m south to Sahid Gate, Bardiya 084-421186 9858085186 [email protected]
Basgadi Sub Branch Basgadi na pa-5, next to Dhaulagiri hardware, Bardiya 084-400094 9858041390 [email protected]
Rajapur Sub Branch Rajapur Na Pa -4, Hulaki Road, 500 M East From Main Chowk, Bardiya 084-460133 9858028054 [email protected]
Bhurigaun-Thakuba Sub Branch Thajurbaba Na Pa-1, Opposite Of Thakurbaba Polyclinic, Bardiya 084-403059 9858082270 [email protected]

Branch Address Phone Mobile Email
Rukum Sub Branch Musikot Na Pa-01, Khalnga Bazar-Main Road, Rukum West 088-530257 9857824257 [email protected]
Salyan Sub Branch Sarada Na Pa-01, Shreenagar Bazar, Next To Kantipur Samudayik Hospital, Salyan 088-400172 9857845061 [email protected]
Surkhet Branch Birendr Nagar Na Pa -06, Birendra Chowk, Surkhet 083-524490 9858038383 [email protected]
Humla Sub Branch Simkot ga. pa- 06, Airport Chowk, Opposite to Agriculture Development Bank, Humla 087-680198 9858322568 [email protected]
Mugu Sub Branch Chayanath Rara Na Pa 2, 400M Western Side Of Nic Asia Bank, Mugu 087-460004 9858320732 [email protected]
Jumla Sub Branch Chandannath na pa 5, opposite of Nepal investment mega bank, Jumla 087-520592 9858366592 [email protected]
Jajarkot Sub Branch Bheri na pa 4, gairikhali 200m east from District Administration Office, Jajarkot 089-430378 9858062707 [email protected]
Dailekh Sub Branch Narayan na pa-01, Daiekh Bazaar, Dailekh 089-420605 9858070190 [email protected]
Kalikot Sub Branch Khadachakra na pa 1, pratima chowk, 40m western side of Rastriya Banijya Bank limited, Kalikot 087-440292 9858390072 [email protected]
Dolpa Sub Branch Thuliberi na pa-03, Dunai -Bicha BAZAAR, Dolpa 087-550106 9858390112 [email protected]
Chhinchu Sub Branch Bheriganga na pa 12, Same building of Prime commercial bank, Surkhet 083-540314 9858074363 [email protected]
Chaujahari Sub Branch Chaurjahari napa-01, Purano bazar, Rukum West N/A 9858086803 [email protected]
Bangad Kupinde (Sallibazar) Sub Branch Banghad Kupinde na pa 1,Sallibazar,Salyan, near to Laxmi Bank, Salyan 088-590590 9858060857 [email protected]

Branch Address Phone Mobile Email
Dhangadhi Branch Dhangadi up ma na pa-04, Dhangadi Buspark, Kailali 091-526088 9858421572 [email protected]
Tikapur Branch Tikapur Na Pa-01, Tikapur Bazar, Jamara Pool Pari, Purano Malpot Karyalaya Vayeko Building, Kailali 091-561338 9848443740 [email protected]
Sukkhad Sub Branch Ghodaghodi Na Pa-01, Sukkhad Bazar - Sunrise Bank Ko Mathhilo Talla, Kailali 091-403124 9858488010 [email protected]
Lamki Sub Branch Lamkichuwa Na Pa 1, Kailali Next To Nepal Bank Limited And Sunrise Bank, Kailali 091-540123 9858491907 [email protected]
Attariya Sub Branch Godawari na pa.02 - Attariya bus park opposite, Kailali 091-551189 9858481840 [email protected]
Bellauri Sub Branch Bellauri na pa-4, opposite of Mahashakti oil store, Kanchanpur 099-580282 9858789007 [email protected]
Bajura Sub Branch Badimalika na pa. 07, Loktantrik chowk, Bajura 097-541164 9858480018 [email protected]
Dadeldhura Sub Branch Amargadi na. pa- 05, Tophandanda, Dadeldhura 096-410377 9858779203 [email protected]
Jhalari Sub Branch Suklaphanta na pa 9, 300m eastern side of Nepal Bank Limited, Kanchanpur 094-412167 9858783399 [email protected]
Baitadi Sub Branch Dasrathchand na pa -04, Gothalpani chowk, nearby Kumari Bank, Baitadi 095-520560 9858780560 [email protected]
Darchula Sub Branch Mahakali na pa-04, khalanga bazar, next to Darchula multiple campus, Darchula 093-420099 9858782782 [email protected]
Achham Sub Branch Mangelsen na pa . 05, Campus road, opposite to Gyanu plazaz, Achham 097-620204 9858489178 [email protected]
Bajhang Sub Branch Jay Prithivi na pa. 10 , Chainpur, Opposite to Surmadevi temple, Bajhang 092-421352 9858421352 [email protected]
Dipayal Sub Branch Dipayal silgadi na pa4, Same building of Nic asia bank, Doti 094-412167 9858486167 [email protected]
Mahendranagar Branch Bhimdutta Na Pa 4, Gali No 3 In Same Building Of Sanima Bank, Kanchanpur 099-520797, 099-524797 9858750797 [email protected]
Jogbudha Sub Branch Parsuram Na Pa 12, Jogbuda Bazar In Same Building Of Agriculture Development Bank, Dadeldhura N/A 9858480020 [email protected]

Contact Details (Head Office)

Phone: +977-01-5970971, 5970592, 9801170971
Email: [email protected]
Address: Kamaladi, Kathmandu

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