Sanima Reliance Life Insurance

Sanima Reliance Life Insurance

Sanima Reliance Life Insurance Limited, a trusted name in Nepal’s insurance landscape, embodies the essence of Nepali pride and resilience. Born from the merger of Sanima Life Insurance and Reliance Life Insurance, the company began its unified journey in March 2023, combining over five years of individual success stories. Just as Nepal is defined by its rich history, cultural heritage, and unwavering spirit, Sanima Reliance Life Insurance reflects these values at its core.

With a deep-rooted commitment to its customers, the company offers a range of life insurance solutions tailored to meet diverse needs across different life stages. Upholding principles of trust and reliability, Sanima Reliance serves as a beacon of financial security, ensuring peace of mind for policyholders and their loved ones.

Beyond business, Sanima Reliance Life Insurance embraces the warmth and simplicity of Nepali culture, fostering a supportive environment through innovative products and responsive service. Guided by values of collaboration, respect, innovation, service excellence, and integrity, the company not only meets but exceeds expectations as a responsible corporate citizen.

In essence, Sanima Reliance Life Insurance is not just a provider of insurance but a true Nepali brand that embodies the spirit of the nation it serves.

Life Insurance Products

Some of the types of life insurance plans or policies offered by Sanima Reliance Life Insurance includes:

  • Retirement plan
  • Child education plan
  • Saving for future plan
  • Money back plan
  • Single premium plan
  • Term plan
  • Disability plan
  • Critical illness plan

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Share Price and Market Analysis

Sanima Reliance Life Insurance Limited is listed in the NEPSE share market under the symbol SRLI.

For the share price or market analysis along with news of Sanima Reliance Life Insurance Limited (SRLI), you can check: Mero Lagani, Nepse Alpha, Share Sansar

Branches of Sanima Reliance Life Insurance

Below are the list of branches of Sanima Reliance Life Insurance in various provinces and locations of Nepal.

Branch Email Phone
Birtamod Branch - 1 [email protected] 9801916958
Damak Branch [email protected] 9801912599
Nepaltar (Illam) Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911536
Illam Branch [email protected] 9801911530
Phidim Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801917755
Taplejung Sub-Branch [email protected] 9802264036
Urlabari Sub-branch [email protected] 9801901842
Belbari Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801916961
Biratnagar Branch 1 [email protected] 9801629717
Biratnagar Branch 2 [email protected] 9801901843
Dhankuta Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801233798
Dharan Branch [email protected] 9801238275
Inaruwa Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801238074
Duhabi Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911534
Panbari Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801238096
Diktel Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911559
Okhaldhunga Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801201265
Gulariya Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911529
Rangeli Sub-Branch [email protected] 9820725814

Branch Email Phone
Barathawa Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801238044
Gaighat Branch [email protected] 9801911599
Bardibas Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801238057
Yadukoha Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801673803
Jaleshwor Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911594
Janakpur Branch 1 [email protected] 9801238058
Mirchaiya Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911590
Rajbiraj Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911592
Birgunj Branch 1 [email protected] 9801237017
Birgunj Branch 2 [email protected] 9801901821
Chandranigahapur Branch [email protected] 9801222826
Gaur Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911561
Hariwan Branch [email protected] 9801238281
Kalaiya Branch [email protected] 9801911587
Malangwa Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801238077
Pokhariya Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801237003
Simara Sub-Branch [email protected] 9802264013

Branch Email Phone
Thankot Sub Branch [email protected] 9801233989
Baluwakhani Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801237239
Chabahil Branch [email protected] 9801233772
Dhapasi Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801239627
Gongabu Branch [email protected] 9801911531
Hattigauda Sub-Branch [email protected] 9802264046
Jorpati Branch [email protected] 9801233213
Narayantar Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911538
Kapan Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801238950
Mid-Baneshwor Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801916960
Putalisadak Branch [email protected] 9801238281
Sankhu Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801233214
Bhaisepati Sub-branch [email protected] 9801238648
Bhaktapur Branch 1 [email protected] 9801233286
Bhaktapur Branch 2 [email protected] 9801901808
Chapagaun Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801222833
Ekantakuna Sub-Branch [email protected] 9802353332
Gwarko Branch [email protected] 9801911533
Kadaghari Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801233215
Kamalbinayak Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911539
Kaushaltar Sub-Branch [email protected] 9802264041
Lokanthali Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801234064
Banepa Branch 1 [email protected]
New Baneshwor Branch [email protected] 9801238284
Purano Thimi Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801236967
Tinkune Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911532
Chautara Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801238919
Manthali Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801238072
Melamchi Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801201266
Panouti Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801233208
Chanauli Sub Branch [email protected] 9801238276
Hakimchowk Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801233735
Hetauda Branch [email protected] 9801901817
Narayangadh Branch 1 [email protected] 9801236799
Tandi Branch [email protected] 9801911515
Bidur Branch [email protected] 9801233341
Daman Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911598
Dhading Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911527
Kalanki Branch [email protected] 9801237016
Kuleshwor Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801915261
Kirtipur Branch [email protected] 9801911567
Naubise Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801916962
Nepaltar Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801238043
New Road Branch [email protected] 9801238100
Pharping Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801234408
Satungal Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801238079
Sundhara Branch [email protected] 9801901819
Swayambhu Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801233281
Balaju Branch [email protected] 9801911525
Galkot Sub-Branch [email protected] 9802264039
Hemja Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801916955
Lubhu Sub-Branch [email protected] 9851279521
Manahari Sub-Branch [email protected] 9821123594
Samakhusi Sub- Branch [email protected] 9843894600

Branch Email Phone
Kawasoti Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801912395
Baglung Branch 1 [email protected] 9801147542
Baglung Branch 2 [email protected] 9801911510
Beni Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801233224
Birouta Sub-Branch [email protected] 9802264048
Besisahar Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801238287
Damauli Branch [email protected] 9801239628
Kushma Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801237026
Lekhnath Sub-Branch [email protected] 9802321765
Pokhara Branch 1 [email protected] 9801233206
Pokhara Branch 2 [email protected] 9801916952
Waling Branch [email protected] 9801911511
Hemja Sub Branch [email protected] 9801238939
Galkot Sub Branch [email protected] 9802264039
Gaidakot Sub-Branch [email protected] 9845595686
Gorkha Sub Branch [email protected] 9801201260

Branch Email Phone
Bansgadhi Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801147540
Ghorahi Branch [email protected] 9801237027
Gulariya Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911529
Khajura Sub Branch [email protected] 9801234420
Kohalpur Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801901833
Lamahi Sub-Branch [email protected] 9802264060
Nepalgunj Branch 1 [email protected] 9801237014
Nepalgunj Branch 2 [email protected] 9801233348
Rolpa Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801329910
Rajapur Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801329960
Arghakanchi Sub Branch 9801916957
Parasi Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911566
Bhairahawa Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911552
Butwal Branch 1 [email protected] 9801147543
Butwal Branch 2 [email protected] 9801911501
Chandrauta Sub-Branch 9840062328
Jitpur Branch [email protected] 9801911524
Manigram Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801916958
Murgiya Sub-Branch [email protected] 9802264020
Palpa Branch 1 [email protected] 9801237024
Palpa Branch 2 [email protected] 9801912598
Pyuthan Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801147544
Taulihawa Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801515909
Bardaghat Branch [email protected] 9857062863
Rampur Palpa Sub-Branch [email protected] 9866572000

Branch Email Phone
Mehalkuna Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801237013
Birendranagar Branch [email protected] 9801237005
Jumla Branch [email protected] 9801911545
Dailekh Branch [email protected] 9801914927

Branch Email Phone
Attariya Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911522
Belauri Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911528
Bhajani Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801201261
Dadeldhura Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801901828
Dhangadhi Branch 2 [email protected] 9801236939
Dipayal Branch [email protected] 9801911516
Jhalari Sub-Branch 1 [email protected] 9822778899
Jhalari Sub-Branch 2 [email protected] 9801901844
Lamki Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801911560
Masuriya Sub-Branch [email protected] 9802321762
Sukhad Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801708077
Tikapur Sub-Branch [email protected] 9801233310

Contact Details (Head Office)

Phone: +977-01-5970400, 01-4797124
Email: [email protected]
Address: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

If you want to know more details about Sanima Reliance Life Insurance Limited, or have some suggestions, you can feel free to write to us.