SuryaJyoti Life Insurance

SuryaJyoti Life Insurance

SuryaJyoti Life Insurance Company Limited, formed through the historic merger of Surya Life Insurance Co. Ltd. and Jyoti Life Insurance Co. Ltd., stands as a powerhouse in Nepal’s insurance sector. Since December 2022, the company has seamlessly integrated the strengths of both entities, solidifying its position as a leader in terms of capital base, investments, and branch network. With over 200 branches nationwide, SuryaJyoti offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at enhancing customer experience and agent support.

ISO 9001:2015 certification underscores its commitment to international standards, ensuring efficient and prudent management practices. The company prides itself on pioneering insurance products tailored to Nepalese needs, including extensive Critical Illness Coverage encompassing 35 ailments up to Rs. 5 million. SuryaJyoti’s strategic reinsurance partnerships with NepalRe, HannoverRe and Himalayan Re mitigate risk effectively, reinforcing its financial stability and operational resilience.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology like SiddhiLife software, SuryaJyoti enhances service delivery through a feature-rich mobile app, robust reporting tools, and AI-powered chatbots for seamless customer interaction. Supported by a diverse group of promoters from various industries, the company continues to innovate and expand, maintaining its reputation as a trusted insurer dedicated to securing the financial future of Nepalese families.

Life Insurance Products

Some of the types of life insurance plans or policies offered by SuryaJyoti Life Insurance includes:

  • Endowment plan
  • Money Back plan
  • Child plan
  • Single & Limited plan
  • Term plan
  • Other Rider benefits

For more details, you can visit their website:

Share Price and Market Analysis

SuryaJyoti Life Insurance Company Limited is listed in the NEPSE share market under the symbol SJLIC.

For the share price or market analysis along with news of SuryaJyoti Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (SJLIC), you can check: Mero Lagani, Nepse Alpha, Share Sansar

Branches of SuryaJyoti Life Insurance

Below are the list of branches of SuryaJyoti Life Insurance in various provinces and locations of Nepal.

Branch Address Phone Email
Bhadrapur Lekhnath Chowk 9801238480 [email protected]
Bhojpur Changbini Chowk 9815313833 [email protected]
Biratchowk Biratchowk 9820106116 [email protected]
Biratnagar Golcha Chowk 021-524655, 9801238516 [email protected]
Biratnagar, Dharan Road Dharan road 9820106124 [email protected]
Birtamode Bhadrapur Road 023-531581 , 9842108866 [email protected]
Birtamode 9801902588 [email protected]
Damak Thana Road 023-572804, 023-575423, 9707811800 [email protected]
Dhankuta Bus Park, Madan Chowk 9801238429 [email protected]
Dharan College Road 025-535666, 9801238517 [email protected]
Dharan, Bhotepul Bhotepul 025-530666, 9856023498 [email protected]
Diktel Diktel 9842741122 [email protected]
Gauradaha Gauradaha 9842632454 [email protected]
Ilam Malpot 027-521728 , 9802332130 [email protected]
Inaruwa Mahananda Chowk 9820106125 [email protected]
Itahari B.P. Chowk 9802332990 [email protected]
Itahari 9820106305 [email protected]
Itahari 9820106115 [email protected]
Kakarbhitta Kakarbhitta 9817968069 [email protected]
Khandbari Pragati Toll 9801902585 [email protected]
Phidim Lakhan Marga 9806017721 [email protected]
Surunga Surunga 9802321982 [email protected]
Taplejung Taplejung 9820106254 [email protected]
Terhathum Loktantrik Chowk 9842692844 [email protected]

Branch Address Phone Email
Barahathawa Barahathawa 9802322872 [email protected]
Bardibas Sindhuli Road 9802332015 [email protected]
Bardibas Sindhuli Road 9819828222 [email protected]
Birgunj, Link Road Link Road 9801904746 [email protected]
Birgunj, Link Road Birgunj, Link Road 9855020195, 9801238408 [email protected]
Birgunj, Ghantaghar Birgunj, Ghantaghar 051-532020, 9820106134 [email protected]
Chapur Chapur 9855010250 [email protected]
Dhanusadham Dhanusadham 9820106136 [email protected]
Gaighat Gaighat Bazar 035-420587, 9802332931 [email protected]
Gaur Dhadkan chowk 055-521192, 9801238485 [email protected]
Harion Harion 9801238484 [email protected]
Jaleshwor Durga Chowk 041-528425, 9801238551 [email protected]
Janakpur, Bhanu Chowk Bhanu Chowk 9820106142 [email protected]
Janakpur, Mill Area Mill Area 9801238419 [email protected]
Janakpur, Mills Area 9820106141 [email protected]
Jeetpur Bara Asian Mart 9815236885 [email protected]
Kalaiya Kalaiya 9820106132 [email protected]
Kanchanrup Kanchanrup Bazar 9802321984 [email protected]
Katari Katari Bazar, Yogdir Chowk 9801238478 [email protected]
Lahan Krishna Toll 033-560822, 9801238530 [email protected]
Lalbandi Lalbandi 9801238450 [email protected]
Malangwa Malangwa 9820107604 [email protected]
Mirchaiya Katari Road 9820106147 [email protected]
Nijgadh Shahid Chowk 053-540497, 9801238449 [email protected]
Okhaldhunga Okhaldhunga 9820107698 [email protected]
Parawanipur Parawanipur 9820106148 [email protected]
Phattepur Phattepur 9820106107 [email protected]
Pokhariya Padam Road 9845858903 [email protected]
Rajbiraj Rajbiraj 9820106151 [email protected]
Ramgopalpur Ramgopalpur 9820106153 [email protected]
Sindhuli Bank Road, Dui No. Bazar 047-521213, 9854041615 [email protected]
Siraha Siraha 9820106156 [email protected]
Solukhumbu Salleri 9801238559 [email protected]
Yadukuha Yadukuha 9820106154 [email protected]

Branch Address Phone Email
Amarapuri Amarapuri 9802332991 [email protected]
Anamnagar Anamnagar 9801904742 [email protected]
Balaju Balaju 9801238428 [email protected]
Banepa Banepa 9820106175 [email protected]
Battar Battar 091-551372, 091-550237, 9801238292 [email protected]
Bhaisepati Bhaisipati Chowk 9820106164 [email protected]
Budhanilkantha Budhanilkantha 9820106161 [email protected]
Chabahil Chabahil Chowk 01-4480175, 9802332900 [email protected]
Chanauli Chanauli Bazar - -
Chapagaun Chapagaun 9801238406 [email protected]
Charikot Bich Bazar 049-421501, 9801238495 [email protected]
Chautara Bhintuna Chowk 9802332961 [email protected]
Chitwan-Parsa Chitwan-Parsa 9820106260 [email protected]
Daman Daman 9802332968 [email protected]
Dhading Dhading Besi 9801238296 [email protected]
Dhading Dhading Besi 9802322871 [email protected]
Gairidhara Gairidhara 9820106170 [email protected]
Gajuri Gajuri 9802332964 [email protected]
Gongabu Gongabu 9801238415 [email protected]
Gwarko Gwarko 9820106250 [email protected]
Gyaneshwor Shantaplaza, Gyaneshwor 01-4545941, 9802303497 [email protected]
Gyaneshwor - Head Office Gyaneshwor, Shanta Plaza 01-4545941, 01-4545942 [email protected]
Hetauda Bank Road 057-524102, 9801238442 [email protected]
Jarankhu Jarankhu 9820106261 [email protected]
Jawalakhel Jawalakhel 9820106176 [email protected]
Jorpati Arab Bank 01-4911434, 9820106168 [email protected]
Jorpati Arab Bank 01-4911434, 9802311437 [email protected]
Kawasoti BP Chwok 9820106195 [email protected]
Kirtipur Naya Bazar Chowk 9801905947 [email protected]
Lubhu Lubhu 01-5580217, 9820106178 [email protected]
Maharajgunj Maharajgunj 01-4017535, 9802303479 [email protected]
Manahari Manahari Bazar 9820106167 [email protected]
Manbhawan Manbhawan 9801238409 [email protected]
Manmaiju Manmaiju 9801238455 [email protected]
Melamchi Melamchi 9802332962 [email protected]
Melamchi Melamchi 9802303496 [email protected]
Nakhipot Nakhipot 9820106166 [email protected]
Nawalpur Nawalpur 9820106187 [email protected]
New Baneshwor New Baneshwor 01-4790484, 9801238465 [email protected]
Nuwakot Bidur Chowk 010-561238, 9801238424 [email protected]
Patan Ward no 3 9820106258 [email protected]
Samakhusi Samakhusi 9820106163 [email protected]
Sankhu Sankhu 9802332970 [email protected]
Sanobharyang Sanobharyang 9820106256 [email protected]
Sundhara Sundhara 9820106184 [email protected]
Suryabinayak Suryabinayak 9820106180 [email protected]
Tarakeshwor Tarakeshwor 9802332967 [email protected]
Tokha Tokha 01-4364872, 9802332973 [email protected]
Thankot Thankot 9801238408 [email protected]

Branch Address Phone Email
Baglung 9801238425 [email protected]
Baglung Jeep Park 068-521606, 9856069501 [email protected]
Beni 9820106186 [email protected]
Besisahar Sira Phat 9801238529 [email protected]
Bhimad 9820106188 [email protected]
Bhorletar 9820106337 [email protected]
Bhotewodar 9845326528 [email protected]
Birauta Birauta 9801238496 [email protected]
Burtibang Burtibang 9801905259 [email protected]
Damauli Safa Sadak 065-562731, 9801238432 [email protected]
Dumre 9820106183 [email protected]
Gorkha Harmatari 9801238294 [email protected]
Hatiya Hatiya 9802333246 [email protected]
Jomsom - [email protected]
Khairenitar Khairenitar 9820106197 [email protected]
Kushma 9820106268 [email protected]
Lekhnath Tal Chowk 9802312854 [email protected]
Pokhara-Nayabazar 9801238407 [email protected]
Pokhara, Nayabazar 9846038419 [email protected]
Pokhara, Sabhagriha Chowk 061-588472, 061-588571, 9820106199 [email protected]
Pokhara, Sabhagriha Chowk 061-588472, 061-588571, 9820106200 [email protected]
Putalibazar 9820106269 [email protected]
Waling VIP Tole 063-440747, 9801238487 [email protected]

Branch Address Phone Email
Arghakhanchi 9802332937 [email protected]
Bardaghat 9820106203 [email protected]
Bhairahawa 9820106204 [email protected]
Butwal-Chauraha 9820106101 [email protected]
Butwal-Chauraha 9801238528 [email protected]
Butwal-Palpa Road 9820106205 [email protected]
Chandrauta Chanauta Chowk 9802320392 [email protected]
Ghorahi Sahid Gate 082-563925, 9801238497 [email protected]
Gulmi Bhim Chowk 079-520842, 9801238552 [email protected]
Kapilvastu-Jeetpur 9820106208 [email protected]
Lamahi Lamahi Galli 082-540958, 9820106210 [email protected]
Manigram 9802345155 [email protected]
Manigram Siddhartha Highway 9801238584 [email protected]
Marchbar 9820106212 [email protected]
Murgiya 9801238526 [email protected]
Palpa-Silkhan Tole 075-522769, 9801238293 [email protected]
Palpa-Tansen 9801238520 [email protected]
Parasi Prashasan Chowk 078-520272, 9820106216 [email protected]
Pyuthan Pulchowk 086-410144, 9802332996 [email protected]
Rampur Bejad Bazar 9820106218 [email protected]
Ridi 9866522678 [email protected]
Rolpa Loktantrik Chowk 9802333248 [email protected]
Rukum Tirveni Chowk 9801238335 [email protected]
Rukum Purba - [email protected]
Salyan Salyan 9801238524 [email protected]
Sunwal 9820106219 [email protected]
Taulihawa Purano Haat Bazar 9820106214 [email protected]
Tulsipur-Amilia Road 9820106221 [email protected]
Tulsipur-Jaycees Chowk 9820106304 [email protected]

Branch Address Phone Email
Botechaur 9820106223 [email protected]
Chhinchu 9853055062 [email protected]
Dailekh N.M.B Chwok 9801238531 [email protected]
Gulariya Bus Park 084-420692, 9820106226 [email protected]
Humla Khatechuli 9802303487 [email protected]
Jajarkot 9820106225 [email protected]
Jumla Krishna Mandir 9858390341 [email protected]
Kalikot Manma Bazar 082-563925, 9802322997 [email protected]
Kohalpur Kohalpur 081-541195, 9802303473 [email protected]
Nepalgunj Karkando Chowk 081-550286, 9820106303 [email protected]
Rajapur Prahari Chauki 081-550286, 9848613561 [email protected]
Surkhet Birendranagar 9802322990 [email protected]
Surkhet Jumla Road 9801238443 [email protected]

Branch Address Phone Email
Attariya Mahendranagar Road 091-551372, 091-550237, 9858751010 [email protected]
Baitadi 9820106234 [email protected]
Bajhang Chainpur 9801902589 [email protected]
Bajura Bajura 9820107696 [email protected]
Bauniya 9804638337 [email protected]
Dadeldhura Tuffan Danda 096-420971, 9801904745 [email protected]
Dadeldhura Tuffan Danda 096-420971, 9848765234 [email protected]
Darchula Khalanga Bazar 093-420440, 9848839947 [email protected]
Dhangadhi Mahar Traffic Chowk 091-417253, 9851217971 [email protected]
Dhangadhi 9820106248 [email protected]
Doti Doti 9820106235 [email protected]
Jhalari 9865670556 [email protected]
Jogbuda Jogbuda 9802303467 [email protected]
Lamki 9868473657 [email protected]
Mahendranagar Galli No. 04 9848440999 [email protected]
Mangalsen 9801902586 [email protected]
Punarbas I.B.R.D Bazar 099-420172, 9858751982 [email protected]
Sukhad Nagarpalika Side 9848511499 [email protected]
Tikapur Kanchi Bazar 9858447244 [email protected]

Contact Details (Head Office)

Phone: +977-01-4545941, 01-4545942
Email: [email protected]
Address: Shanta Plaza, Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu

If you want to know more details about SuryaJyoti Life Insurance Company Limited, or have some suggestions, you can feel free to write to us.