Nepal Micro Insurance Company (NMIC)

Nepal Micro Insurance Company (NMIC)

Nepal Micro Insurance Company Limited (NMIC) is a pioneering non-life micro insurance provider in Nepal, dedicated to extending insurance services to the nation’s underserved remote and rural populations. It is headquartered in Chitwan, with branches all over Nepal. Established with the mission to make insurance affordable and accessible to low-income families, NMIC was created in response to the complex and costly nature of traditional insurance products which were out of reach for many Nepalis.

To tailor their offerings, Nepal Micro Insurance Company engaged deeply with local communities to understand their unique risks and needs, from natural disasters to health emergencies. This grassroots approach informed the development of a range of insurance products specifically designed to address these vulnerabilities, ensuring comprehensive protection for their clients. The company emphasizes innovation, demonstrated by the creation of a user-friendly mobile app that simplifies policy management, eliminating the need for physical paperwork and in-person branch visits.

At the core of Nepal Micro Insurance Company’s operations is a commitment to exceptional customer service and reliable support during times of need. By partnering with local organizations, NMIC also works to raise awareness about the importance of insurance and educate communities on their product offerings. Their goal is to ensure that quality insurance is accessible to all, regardless of financial status.

NMIC is the first non-life micro insurance entity licensed by the Nepal Insurance Authority. This significant milestone comes with the responsibility of addressing the diverse challenges faced by Nepal, including natural disasters and economic hardships. Despite these challenges, NMIC is committed to enriching lives, building value for stakeholders, and striving to become a leading and socially responsible organization in Nepal.

Non-life Micro-insurance Products

Some of the micro-insurance policies or products offered by Nepal Micro Insurance Company includes, but not limited to:

  • Property: Home
  • Automobiles: Commercial Vehicles, Two wheelers
  • Agriculture: Farming, Livestock, Herbs

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Share Price and Market Analysis

Nepal Micro Insurance Company Limited (NMIC) is currently not listed in the NEPSE share market (as on June 2024).

For the share price or market analysis along with news of Nepal Micro Insurance Company Limited, you can check: Mero Lagani, Nepse Alpha, Share Sansar

Branches of Nepal Micro Insurance

Below are the list of branches of Nepal Micro Insurance in various provinces and locations of Nepal.

Branch Address Phone Email
Itahari Branch Pragati Marga, BP Chowk, Itahari 025-590256 [email protected]
Itahari TP Counter Itahari -4 025-590256 [email protected]

Branch Address Phone Email
Birgunj Branch Birta 4, Alkhiyamath, Birgunj 051- 592786 [email protected]
Birgunj TP Counter Birgunj-13, Yatayat Chowk 051-592786 [email protected]

Branch Address Phone Email
Gurjudhara TP Counter, Kathmandu Chandragiri Municipality-5, Gurju Dhara
Banepa Branch Chaitanya Marga, Banepa-8, Kavre 011-665730 [email protected]
Hetauda Branch Parijaatpath, Hetauda-4 057-591615 [email protected]
Sallaghari TP Counter Sallaghari, Bhaktapur
Bharatpur TP Counter Gibis Road, Bharatpur 056-494327
Ekantakuna TP Counter Kusunti Oralo, Ekantakuna, Lalitpur 01-4529362
Hetauda TP Counter Thana Bharyang, Hetauda 057-591615 [email protected]

Branch Address Phone Email
Pokhara Branch Sabha Griha Chowk, New road, Pokhara 061-591362 [email protected]
Kawaswoti Sub Branch Kawaswoti-8, Indra Chowk 078-590425 [email protected]
Pokhara TP Counter Pokhara Metropolitan- 9, Pokhara 061-591362 [email protected]

Branch Address Phone Email
Nepalgunj Branch Karkadho Chowk, Nepalgunj Metropolitan 18, Banke 081-535011 [email protected]
Nepalgunj TP Counter Ward No-13, Nepalgunj Metropolitan 13 081-535011 [email protected]
Butwal Branch Butwal Sub-metropolitan 8, Milan Chowk 071-591134 [email protected]

Contact Details (Head Office)

Phone: +977-056-494327
Email: [email protected]
Address: Maharjan Complex, Bhrikuti Path, Bharatpur-1, Chitwan, Nepal

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