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Protective Micro Insurance Limited

Protective Micro Insurance Limited was established in 2080 B.S. It’s headquarter is based in Dhangadhi of Kailali with branches all over Nepal. Life throws curveballs, even small ones. Maybe an unexpected illness drains your savings, a minor accident leaves you with a repair bill, or a natural disaster disrupts your livelihood. Protective Micro Insurance, a non-life micro-insurance company in Nepal, understands these everyday challenges. They offer small, affordable insurance plans, making financial security achievable without breaking the bank. Their goal is to empower everyone to have access to insurance facilities, to face these little bumps in the road with confidence.

Non-life Micro-insurance Products

Some of the micro-insurance policies or products offered by Protective Micro Insurance Company includes, but not limited to:

  • Commercial Vehicle Policy:  It offers comprehensive coverage for trucks, tractors, tempos, and even e-rickshaws. Their plans protect against theft, accidents, and natural disasters, while also covering any injuries to yourself or others involved in an incident. It’s like a safety net for your business, keeping you on the road.
  • Two wheeler Motor Vehicle Policy: It offers you low-cost two wheeler insurance plans with no paperwork.
  • Agriculture Policies: It offers low-cost insurance policies for farming, livestock and herbs. Farming insurance includes cover for crops like rice, tomato, wheat, potato, etc., whereas fruits like banana, dragon fruit, kiwi, etc. Similarly, livestock insurance includes cover for animals such as cow, buffalo, goat, pig, fish, poultry, etc.
  • Home Insurance: House is dear to everyone and they do offer low cost home insurance services as well.

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Share Price and Market Analysis

Star Micro Insurance Company Limited is currently not listed in the NEPSE share market (as on June 2024).

For the share price or market analysis along with news of Protective Micro Insurance Limited, you can check: Mero Lagani, Nepse Alpha, Share Sansar

Branches of Protective Micro Insurance

Below are the list of branches of Protective Micro Insurance in various provinces and locations of Nepal.

Branch Address Email Phone
Itahari Sky Plaza, Itahari-06 [email protected] 025-590982
Birtamod Birtamod Municipality-04, Khadka Complex 2nd Floor [email protected] 023-591375
Urlabari New Road, W.No. 05, Near NMB bank, 2nd Floor [email protected]
Itahari Yatayat Counter Yatayat Karyalaya, Itahari [email protected] 9852063967
Birtamod Yatayat Counter Yatayat Karyalaya, Birtamod [email protected] 9807976656
Biratnagar Yatayat Counter Yatayat Karyalaya, Biratnagar [email protected] 9817343336

Branch Address Email Phone
Lahan Lahan-8, Near Prabhu Bank [email protected]
Lahan Yatayat Counter Yatayat Karyalaya, Lahan [email protected] 9824716235

Branch Address Email Phone
Lalitpur - Provincial Office Lalitpur Metropolitan -02, Gusingal, Lalitpur [email protected] 01-5916790
Tandi Bakular Chowk, K.N Plaza, Ratnanagar-10, Chitwan [email protected] 056-494718
Bharatpur Yatayat Counter Yatayat Karyalaya, Bharatpur [email protected] 9845505708
Sallaghari Yatayat Counter Yatayat Karyalaya, Sallaghari [email protected] 9869166439
Satungal Yatayat Counter Yatayat Karyalaya, Satungal [email protected] 9849049800
Ekantakuna Yatayat Counter Yatayat Karyalaya, Ekantakuna [email protected] 9869645666

Branch Address Email Phone
Pokhara Sabhagriha Chowk, Pokhara-8 [email protected]

Branch Address Email Phone
Kohalpur Red Cross Marg, Kohalpur, Banke [email protected] 081-532833
Dang BB Bhawan, New Road, Ghorahi, Dang [email protected] 082-590512
Bhairahawa Siddhartha Nagar Municipality-08, Narayanpath, Bhairahawa [email protected] 071-591284
Nepalgunj Yatayat Counter Yatayat Karyalaya, Nepalgunj [email protected] 9825580780
Bhairahawa Yatayat Counter Yatayat Karyalaya, Bhairahawa [email protected] 9867521380
Butwal Yatayat Counter Yatayat Karyalaya, Butwal [email protected] 9821520346

Branch Address Email Phone
Dhangadhi - Head Office Chatakpur, Dhangadhi, Kailali, Nepal [email protected] 091-590707
Dadeldhura Amargadhi Municipality-05, Tufandanda, Dadeldhura [email protected] 096-590911
Gokuleshwor Sailyashikhar Municipality-09, Gokuleshwar Bazar [email protected] 093-590003
Lamki Lamkichuha Municipality-01, Lamki Bazar, Kailali [email protected] 091-590831
Dhangadhi Yatayat Counter Yatayat Karyalaya, Dhangadhi 9848659477

Contact Details (Head Office)

Phone: +977-091-590707
Email: [email protected]
Address: Chatakpur, Dhangadhi, Kailali, Nepal

If you want to know more details about Protective Micro Insurance Limited, or have some suggestions, you can feel free to write to us.