Star Micro Insurance

Star Micro Insurance

In 2080 B.S, Star Micro Insurance Company Limited emerged with a commitment to revolutionize the insurance industry in Nepal. The company identified a significant gap where many, particularly in low-income and vulnerable communities, were left unprotected without essential insurance. Motivated by this realization, Star Micro Insurance dedicated itself to crafting micro-insurance solutions tailored to serve these underserved populations. It basically servers non-life micro insurance products in Nepal.

At Star Micro Insurance Co. Ltd, their mission is clear and impactful. They strive to empower communities by providing individuals and small businesses with the necessary protection to secure their futures and safeguard their livelihoods. Believing in the importance of making insurance straightforward and accessible, they design their micro-insurance offerings to be simple, affordable, and tailored to cover the most prevalent risks people encounter. Star Micro Insurance aims to be the reliable support system for their policyholders, delivering peace of mind during critical times.

Non-life Micro-insurance Products

Some of the micro-insurance policies or products offered by Star Micro Insurance Company includes:

Property Insurance: Star Micro Insurance Co. Ltd offers property insurance to safeguard your assets, including homes and businesses, from damage and loss. This coverage ensures financial protection in exchange for a minimal premium, providing peace of mind and a reliable safety net in the event of unexpected disasters or accidents.

Motor Insurance: The company’s motor insurance delivers financial security for your vehicle, protecting against accidents, theft, and damage. This coverage instills confidence on the road, accommodating various vehicle types such as tractors, agricultural vehicles, two-wheelers, tempos, and e-rickshaws.

Burglary Insurance: With burglary insurance, Star Micro Insurance covers losses from theft and break-ins, ensuring the safety of your property. This essential coverage helps protect assets and personal belongings, making it a critical choice for those seeking comprehensive security.

Accidental Insurance: Star Micro Insurance provides accidental insurance to offer financial protection during unforeseen injuries or accidents. This coverage supports policyholders and their families by preparing them for unexpected medical expenses and the financial impact of accidental disabilities.

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Share Price and Market Analysis

Star Micro Insurance Company Limited is currently not listed in the NEPSE share market (as on June 2024).

For the share price or market analysis along with news of Star Micro Insurance Company Limited, you can check: Mero Lagani, Nepse Alpha, Share Sansar

Branches of Star Micro Insurance

Below are the list of branches of Star Micro Insurance company in various provinces and locations of Nepal.

Branch Location Mobile Number Phone
Dhulabari Dhulabari, Jhapa 9802356725 041-591453
Biratnagar Biratnagar, Morang 9802356651 041-591453

Branch Location Mobile Number Phone
Head Office Bhanuchowk, Janakpur 9802356529 041-591453
Birgunj Birgunj, Parsa 9802356709 041-591453
Golbazar Golbazar, Siraha 9821714500 041-591453
Lalbandi Lalbandi, Sarlahi 9802356518 041-591453
Bardibas Bardibas, Mahottari 9802356524 041-591453
Rautahat Chandrapur, Rautahat 9802356525 041-591453
Sarlahi Hariwan, Sarlahi 9802356722 041-591453
Rajbiraj Rajbiraj, Saptari 9816770616 041-591453

Branch Location Mobile Number Phone
Kathmandu Durbarmarga, Kathmandu 9851021722 01-5350859
Sindhuli Madibazar, Sindhuli 9802356726 01-5350859

Branch Location Mobile No. Phone
Butwal Butwal, Rupandehi 9802356528 041-591453
Tulsipur Tulsipur, Dang 9802356517 041-591453
Banke - 9802356707 041-591453

Branch Location Mobile No. Phone
Surkhet Birendranagar, Surkhet 9802356720 041-591453

Branch Location Mobile No. Phone
Kanchanpur Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur 9848747489 041-591453

Contact Details (Head Office)

Phone: +977-041-591453
Email: [email protected]
Address: Bhanuchowk, Janakpur, Madesh Pradesh

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